Help with the costs of funeral services

Assistance may be available from:

  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • The Health Authority
  • The Local Authority
  • War Pensions Employer’s Pension Scheme
  • Trade Unions
  • Charities
  • Associations, Clubs & Societies
  • After The Funeral Service

Payment of the funeral account is one of the first claims upon the estate of the deceased, however, if there are insufficient funds in the estate the account becomes the responsibility of whoever made the funeral arrangements. If you feel you may not be able to meet the costs of the funeral, please advise us as soon as possible so that we can advise you on the possible help available to you. Should no financial assistance be available to you, we will always make every effort to help with payment planning in any way that we can.

The Funeral Costs

  • Funeral costs vary according to the style and content of the service chosen, our price lists are clearly displayed and all our charges will be fully explained to you during the funeral arrangements.
  • Disbursements such as cremation fees, cemetery fees and doctor’s and minister’s fees will be advised to you.
  • We will always supply you with a written itemised estimate in accordance with the National Association of Funeral Directors code of practice.
  • The fees we quote are the fees that you will be charged. There are never any hidden additional costs.
  • You can receive an instant, fully comprehensive estimate of all costs, at any time and without obligation.

Our Dedicated Staff

We are very lucky to have dedicated, loyal staff working for us to produce the caring and high quality service of which we are so proud.